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Maximize sales and increase ROAS with dynamic retargeting

Build smarter and more effective ad campaigns that drive results. Create relevant ads within seconds, served at the perfect moment, and optimized to get results — all through the power of our artificial intelligence, Vita.

Vita's algorithms analyze data for you in real-time, continuously learning from every served impression and click, it continuously adapts the bidding algorithm behaviour to best fit your campaign objectives.

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Re-engage visitors

Re-engage visitors throughout their path to purchase with tailored video, push notifications, native and display ads, delivered across the world’s best publishers, and designed for measurable performance.

Retarget visitors with personalized ads.

Reach visitors at scale with engaging ads, generated on-demand to showcase your products across the web and mobile.

Continuously optimize with machine learning.

Generate an average of 13X return on ad spend. Our machine-learning technology works continuously to improve every campaign’s performance.

Connect with visitors across screens.

Seamlessly connect with every visitors across devices through insights from our pooled data

Tailor messages to be the most relevant.

Leverage Advedro machine learning to personalize every element of your ads and craft experiences that convert more shoppers into buyers. Our Dynamic Creative Optimizer helps you deliver on-brand creative that drives performance.