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Meet Vlad Zhovtenko, CEO of RedTrack

Lithuania is the southernmost and largest of the three Baltic countries which has become a regional center of excellence for global technology companies looking to harness the top notch quality competences the country has to offer – whether it’s in the fields of software engineering, AI-driven solutions...


Do you have a blog archive with hidden potential? If your company blog has a few years under its belt, the answer is undoubtedly: YES. By growth-hacking your blog archive, you can create organic growth, learn to capture relevant visitors and increase your conversion rate.

Meet Bruno Cho, a man that wears many hats in the digital world

The digital investment reflects Asia's desire to become a technological superpower in the so-called fourth industrial revolution that is currently underway. It concerns the development of artificial intelligence, robotics and the "Internet of Things", a term that refers to all kinds of devices that...

What is the purpose of a content audit?

You have spent a lot of time creating content over the years, and now you hardly have any idea what's being hidden on page number seven in your archive. Guess what? That's probably something really good! While we are constantly striving to search for new trends, news and all the different angles...

Twitch - a social media platform for gamers

When a gamer usually plays, according to the prejudice, it can be a bit lonely, but the gaming platform Twitch solved this by offering the ability to share screen, sound and image when playing so that others can watch but also engage with the person who streams their gaming experience.

Meet Jitendra Vaswani

India is an increasingly important economic player, both regionally and globally. Today, India’s economic growth rate is higher than China's, making India a rapidly changing developing country and an emerging technology superpower with increasing influence in the international arena.

Social Media in 2021

Your private space, healthy online behavior and mobile content. There are some major social media trends that we need to address in the future.

Account Based Marketing Vs Inbound Marketing

You have probably heard about account based and inbound marketing, but maybe you still are wondering: how does it work – and which one do I need? The simple answer is that you will need both and in this article we will explain why.

User Generated Content - The Customer As Brand Ambassador

I love the idea of ​​win-win situations! They are one of my biggest guiding stars in life and something I really try to apply as often as I can. No matter what you sell, you can create a situation where satisfied customers become your best brand ambassadors. Just make sure they are proud of their investment and the rest will follow (with the right UGC strategy).

Meet Eman Pulis, the man behind one of the world's largest gaming events

The small nation of Malta in the Mediterranean was early in legalizing gambling and was also the first country in the EU to start regulating online gambling. Over the years, Malta has therefore grown to become one of the largest jurisdictions for online gambling and today there are hundreds of players in Malta who are targeting the gambling market. Many online casinos that claim to be Swedish or German are in fact based in Malta. In addition to gaming, Malta is perhaps the most progressive nation...

Share of Search - Measure the results of your branding activities

Many companies are having a hard time knowing how big they actually are in their market and understanding simply what market share they have. There is of course a difference, depending on which period you as a marketer measure, but a good time interval is annually. Usually, it is quite costly...

The Bitcoin Revolution has just begun – again

In 2017, I was attending a conference in Prague where I was invited to discuss about bitcoin and blockchain. The price per bitcoin fluctuated in November of that year between $7,600 and $8,100 for a bitcoin. This weekend, bitcoin passed $59,423 with a market value approaching $1 trillion (!).


Robotics and AI have just begun their evolution and will gradually change the game plan for almost every market and not least the marketing. Data has long been an established concept underlying the technology of machine learning. The next step is AI...

Growth Marketing – Why How and What?

About a year ago, everyone in the digital industry started talking about Growth Marketing. It sounds exciting and focuses on growth. But what does it really mean and why should we care? Is it a short cut to increased revenue or just a healthier...

What is the Clubhouse hype really about?

The author of one of my favourite books, 1984, George Orwell, once said the following in his book, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”. An almost instructive quote from Orwell....

iOS 14 update - problems and solutions

Apple has recently launched its new iOS 14 update which aims to protect Apple users in terms of how their data may be processed on websites and in apps. This of course might cause difficulties for companies that want to reach out with...


Behavioural measures for social intelligence can be compared across all the species, and it is driven by the advantages of better approaches to understand social, adaptive behaviour such as instinct, trial and error learning to better...

Content Marketing in 2021

Meaningful content is the heart of your digital marketing strategy. Traditional marketing is often less effective than digital marketing and content marketing is a strategic and effective way to communicate with your target audiences.