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Get ready for Singles Day 2020!
November 11, 2020

Singles Day 2020 is fast approaching and we will celebrate it with thunder! Here at Advedro, you can count on everything from really favourable offer news, lucrative high converting traffic to exciting product launches.

What is Singles Day

Singles Day falls every year on 11/11 and it is globally the world's largest online shopping day. Singles Day started in China in the mid 90’s and has since grown into a global phenomenon. Only in recent years has the shopping day gained real momentum in the western world. Guanggun Jie, as the day is called in Chinese, has its origins at the university of Nanjing where the singles decided to celebrate that they were, in fact, proud to be single. Not only that, they also arranged blind dates where those who wanted to make an attempt to leave the single life behind.

The largest website during this day is Alibaba, which is China's equivalent of Amazon. They break records year after year and on November 11th 2019, Alibaba made as many sales as Amazon does for an entire year! Then you can understand that this, as we already wrote, is a fairly large phenomenon that e-commerce stores and affiliates have also begun to pay attention to.

Singles Day is a day is a day where we honour all singles - hence the date with four singles representing all the world's singles. But of course you do not have to be single to celebrate it with us, for us here at Advedro it is a day when you should treat yourself with something extra and think for yourself, regardless of whether you are single or not! What better day to honour than to think a little bit extra about your own health, love and happiness?

Fun facts about Singles Day

  • - During this day in 2019, three of the largest stores (Alibaba, Tmall, and Taobao) made sales of approx. 150 billion!
  • - The day was founded by four students at Nanjing University in China who wanted a reason to celebrate that they were students and single.
  • - Singles day is a national holiday in China.
  • - In 2013, Singles Day was added to Russia's official calendar.

This year's Singles Day offers

Of course, we can not yet reveal which products will be launched during Singles Day 2020. However, we can list some of the top converting offers that were found on our network. That way, you might be able to get a little hint what to push where to make that extra buck to treat yourself a bit more extravagant!

  • - - Sweepstakes - Smartlink III (MultiGeo) CPL $51.87
  • - - Bitcoins Wealth - SE - CPA $807.50
  • - - Flirtmuur /NL/BE - DOI - CPL €4.75
  • - Affiliate - Leo Vegas - Casino - CA, NZ - (CPA) €180
  • - - CC-Submit - iPhone 11 - CH- CPL $33
  • - Tik Tok Thotz – Adult Dating – $45