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Maximize your profit with Native Ads
October 20, 2020

Native advertising is something that many have probably seen or heard of. You probably can now recognize the sponsored articles with the ad tag that appears on the news sites. This marketing type has increased steadily in recent years and has played an essential role in many companies' marketing strategies. One of the biggest reasons for this increase is the possibility of a more in-depth communication where the seller has more time to explain their products and services in-depth to their readers.

What is native advertising?

Simply put, native advertising is all about creating editorial content and marketing it on sites that are perceived as a natural part of the environment. It should look like an article. Perceived as an article and be an article. But it was paid for as an advertisement.

One of the advantages of native marketing is that the cost of driving engaged traffic generally decreases if, for example, you compare it with marketing a product. The reason is quite simple. For example, Facebook has built an empire by offering people exciting content, and its revenue is generated primarily by advertisers. If you provide content that makes Facebook users spend more time on their platform while giving Facebook money in advertising revenue, you will be rewarded for it. With editorial ads, your campaigns will perform well above the average.

Because the purpose of native advertising is to write content that drives traffic and creates added value, a successful campaign will make your potential customers spend a long time in front of your brand. You have won their attention, and readers are volunteering and reading about the content that creates sales for you. From this perspective, traditional advertising does not stand a chance compared to the native. You are simply tired of the old regular advertising that prevents you from doing what you logged in for, for example. You become a friendly neighbor who offers dinner while your competitors become the salesman who knocks on the door in the middle of it.

You will reach target groups that are difficult to reach

Ad Blocking is growing at the same rate as advertising investments in digital media are increasing. Analyses show that the same people who block ads often put up a "No advertising please" on their mailboxes outside of their houses. It is an attractive target group that chooses to block advertising (due to various reasons such as relevance, performance, etc.). However, with native ads, you can reach this attractive targeted group and offer them the reading time needed to explain your products and services before they will take the next step.

Think relevance

Increase your credibility in a more natural advertising environment. Context and relevance are incredibly crucial for advertising. And this is something that both advertisers and users seem to agree on. According to some surveys, 70% of all consumers state that they would learn more about a product through content than through more traditional advertising. And for advertisers, it is often a non-question whether their advertising should be perceived as relevant compared to surrounding content.

Therefore, make sure that your content is visible naturally, surrounded by other relevant content. It's 2020 - R-E-L-E-V-A-N-C-E is everything when it comes to native advertising.

Focus on the mobile experience

The majority of your target audience is mobile users. Also, more and more people spend most of their time on mobile devices. Therefore, it is extra important to think through how your native content is designed. Is my content optimized for primarily engaging mobile users? Do I use more interactive features that are available, for example, for smartphones?

Native ads are a big deal

According to research firm eMarketer, US companies spent nearly $ 33 billion on native advertising in 2019. This year, that figure is expected to rise to $ 42 billion (!). It is predicted that native ads will account for as much as 75% of the US advertising market by 2021.

According to Business Insider, digital video ad spending is rising faster than search and display. By the end of 2020, US digital video ad revenue will increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9%.

This fast rise means that developing a robust native video ads strategy is more critical now than ever.

To summarize it > Native advertising is a big deal, both now and in the future.