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Why you should use Retargeting
June 18, 2020

Retargeting helps you reach people who have visited your website or used your app.

This means that visitors who have previously visited your site may be "followed up" with targeted ads from you when they see another site within the Network.

Using retargeting, you will reach the people who already recognize your brand and most likely are at the forefront of the buying process.

You can choose to target your messages based on how the visitor interacts with your site and thus become super relevant in your customer dialogue.

Retargeting can increase the value and effect of other market investments

It is one of the most cost-effective market investments you can make, (slightly depending on which Network you choose)

To give an example

Play with the idea that a family living in a villa is starting to take an interest in installing a new heat pump. How often do you think that the buying process starts up? Every two years? Every five years? Every ten years? The probability is high for the latter option.

Then visualize what the buying process probably looks like. Would you describe the number of touchpoints as few or many? Probably not only a possible supplier will be included in the picture, nor will it be just a source of information. In other words, we are talking about a protracted buying process. Several studies show that decisions are primarily based on gut feeling. If the gut feeling is given so much space, we as advertisers are given an excellent opportunity to influence even in more difficult decisions. And which of the probably three to four suppliers do you think the family in the villa will choose?

So, in other words, if you are going to put many resources into both marketing and sales to reach both new and existing customers, make sure that you continue the communication with those who, in one way or another, show an interest in you. Not just those who choose to buy from you here and now.

Advedro can offer several types of Retargeting

1) Standard marketing ads that appear to past visitors to your site browse sites or apps within the Network.

2) Dynamic retargeting means that Advedro displays ads containing the products or services that the previous visitor showed interest in on your site. This is, above all, something e-commerce has taken hold of.

Get started with retargeting - 5 easy steps

      1) Start by creating a Advedro account
      2) Launch a Campaign and select the retargeting option.
      3) You will then receive a short snippet of code which you will have to place in the source code of your website or landing page. It is the code snippet that enables the collection of your audience.
      4) Then you create a so-called retargeting list. For example, a list can be about you wanting to collect data about everyone who has visited a specific product page or perhaps even your contact page. You can also then choose to link rules to the lists. For example, a rule might say, "I'm only interested in data from those who have spent at least 30 seconds on the page".
      5) Design ads for free inside of your Advedro account and link ads to your Retargeting.

With regard to the privacy of users, your retargeting list (also called audience) needs to contain a predetermined number of unique users before advertising can start. Display campaigns require at least 100 unique cookies, while search ads require at least 1,000 unique cookies.